Little Girl Brown, Adjust Your Crown!

Little Girl Brown, Adjust Your Crown!


Little Girl Brown, Adjust Your Crown! is the second book in the Little Girl Brown series that is full of life and love. Adjust Your Crown is full of affirmations for little brown girls across the nations who are or want to be comfortable in their own skin! Spend a second each morning picking the perfect affirmation to start your day, and it will be great. Inside, you will find colorful pages and even space to create yourself. 


  • 20 Affirmations for brown girls across the world!
  • Space to create your own affirmations, too. 
  • Color, create, speak positively, and learn to love yourself!

(Due to high demand, "Little Girl Brown, Adjust Your Crown!" sells out rapidly. Please note that orders can be slightly delayed to meet the demands of consumers.) 

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