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There were three little girls who were often teased about the very things that made them uniquely different from others. One day, on an exciting school trip to visit the city's new Art Museum, they happened to be the center of nonstop laughter. Everyone along the field trip began calling them ugly names, making cruel jokes, and being plain ole mean. The three friends were so saddened about all of their classmates laughing and making fun of them that they decided to end their time at the Art Museum. Sadly, the girls sat by the MAGICAL fountain the class had started at and began to cry. Their tears fell into the water of the huge fountain and it lit with sparkles. Each girl added something special to the mix as they continued to cry. There was MELANIN, MIGHT, AND MAGICAL SPICE. When they opened their eyes, they all noticed that something was different about them. Everything that they'd been teased about had been enhanced!

DeeDee's gapped teeth were much whiter and her vocal cords tingled. Dido's brown skin had began to glow and sparkle, much like the fountain they sat by. Demi's shrunken, tight, and coiled curls had transformed into long wavy tresses. The girls rushed home to tell their mothers, and discovered that they all possessed powers they had no clue how to use. For an entire month, the girls' mothers trained and prepared them to fight the same evilness that had been the center of their new identities. Uniforms were sewn, masks and crowns were designed, and roles were assigned! 

With Melanin, Might and Magical Spice, the League was born!

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Releases December 15th

Mother and daughter duo, Caedence Baylee and Mercy B, have teamed to bring you The Melanin League. DeeDee (Delilah), Demi, and Dido are three characters who posses powers that were created from the very features that they were once teased about. The friends have teamed to fight the evilness that happens to be the cause of their new identities. In Vol 1., The Melanin League battles Doctor Hurricane, an evil scientist that orchestrates disastrous hurricanes for fun. Together, DeeDee, Demi, and Dido are determined to shut down Doctor Hurricane and bring relief to the communities that he has destroyed with rapid winds and flood waters. 

Adventures of the Melanin League (Vol 1.+):

  • Raises awareness of natural disasters
  • Educate children on how to handle themselves in the cases of emergencies
  • Acknowledges bullying and teaches children how to handle it
  • Displays beauty within the structure of the African American family 
  • Teaches the health
  • Teaches science
  • Teaches math
  • Teaches reading
  • Highlights self-confidence
  • Teaches forgiveness
  • Entertains
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Colorful adventures start with Adventures of The Melanin League coloring book. Redesign each adventure of The Melanin League by coloring them to fit your wild imagination! 

Melanin League tees made for MOM and DAUGHTER. Match in style, or encourage your brown skin beauty to accept everything about herself that others may not be able to. We're all made differently, and that is what makes up ourselves. This is more than a shirt, but a stand for every brown girl across the world. 

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There's three ways to join the League

  • Adventure Book
  • Coloring Book
  • Tee
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Caedence Baylee 

Caedence Baylee is a 7-year-old author who has written and published four (4) books centered around enhancing little brown girls' thoughts and visions of themselves. She’s shedding a positive light on brown skin and its beautiful complexity. Caedence’s goal is to help African American children see the beauty in uniqueness.

Mercy B

Mercy B is an multiple award-winning and national bestselling author, publisher, and mompreneur. Mercy has published over 125 books, with 44 of them being her own. Aside from writing, Mercy assist current and aspiring authors with heightening their career. As a self-employed millennial, Mercy CEO of all things Mercy and spends her days helping writers make their dreams of publishing bestsellers come true. 


"The Melanin League was created for our brown children who happen to enjoy the adventures superheroes. As a parent, I recognized the shortage of heroes with skin that resembled Caedence's. In addition to the shortage of melanin infused superheroes, I was aware that the differences within Caedence's makeup and others around her was a topic of discussion. As a writer, my method of teaching is storytelling. Hence, The Melanin League was created. Quickly, we recognized our figures wouldn't quite fit the description of the normal. So, instead of confining to the average powers of superheroes, we utilized the features that African American children face scruntiny for, whether that's their kinky hair or bucked teeth."