Careful With The Kinks, Momma Series (2 Books)

Careful With The Kinks, Momma Series (2 Books)

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Hair Time Just Got Better!

"Careful With The Kinks Momma," is a series of illustrated pieces that guides mother and daughter through the hair combing process with less difficulty. Inside of CWTKM, mothers learn how to get their daughter's more involved with the grooming process, which makes it more intriguing and less of a headache for both. 


  • Guide to shampooing and conditioning
  • Activities that will keep little ones occupied during hair time
  • A style guide that gives step by step directions for 10 different styles for natural hair
  • A wide tooth comb for less painful experiences

"Careful With The Kinks, Momma," is a series that will continue to build. Stayed tuned for more books. 

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