Denim Diaries

Dear Diary, 

My mother is going denim crazy!

My mom has been buying me so many little denim pieces, and I am in love. Over the weekend, one of my favorite big people visited us here in Dallas, and can you believe she scored me an over the shoulder denim bag from Zara? Thanks Nefertiti! 

This has become my favorite piece to pair with everything!



This is not my fault. I'm promise!

So, on my Mermaid Gang blog post, there's information about this amazing jacket. My mother picked it up while in New York from Forever21. I love the sayings and patches because they add some character to this jacket and purse denim duo. The dress underneath was bought in New York from the same store. 

As for my new bag, it was a gift from Zara, and I am head over hills for it. I mean, who wouldn't be? Right? Right! My mother paired it with my favorite jacket and this awesome hat from Gymboree that I have owned for about 2 years. I never had the chance to actually wear it. I'm ready for more fun in this cutie. 

Mercy BComment