Happy Birthday Dad

Today, my mother and I celebrated my father's birthday. 

He went to heaven with God 4 years ago, and this is our way of never forgetting him, EVER. I didn't know much at the age that I was when he passed, and my mother is determined to teach me all about him. I felt his love today as we sang Happy Birthday. 

He is the BIG 30, today. My mom let me chose the cake, and I chose an ice cream cake with sprinkles. He isn't here to blow out his candles, so we blew them out for him. 

My mother and I made a promise to celebrate each and every year. 

This is a photo of my father and I when I was a baby. Curtis is his name, and he died from the big C word. Though I don't know much about Cancer, it helped me to gain an angel. No matter how big and nasty of a monster the disease is, it helped my father to gain his wings. 

Mercy BComment