Mermaid Gang?

Mermaid Gang?

So, my mom took a trip to New York for Fashion Week, but didn't leave me out of the adventure -completely. She brought back these amazing pieces from the big apple, along with tons of photos for my viewing. 


My jacket purchase was inspired by some iron on stencils that I convinced my mom to buy just before she jetted off to the jungle. While in New York, she said that this jacket was a must-have, because it reminded her of me. I'm so glad that she got it! 

I guess this makes me a part of the mermaid gang, huh? Now, about this tote. This statement piece expresses my colorful personality, and I love it! 


And for more fun shots! Details below!


Shoes | Target

Chocker | Custom 

Denim Jacket, T-Shirt Dress, Backpack | Forever21 Kids

Hair | Careful with the Kinks, Momma: Style Guide #1 For The Happily Nappy

(Half Up | Half Down)


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